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Defective rebar meshes lead engineering flaws 

Customer in New Zealand complains that steel rebar mesh the bought didn’t meet New Zealand standards. Now, the commerce Commission has involved to investigate three companies who were alleged selling of steel rebar mesh that doesn‘t comply with building standards.


The mesh is usually used for reinforcing concrete floors and driveways. Some houses insurance may be compromised, warned by inspection body after finding some flaws of the houses.


This three companies are alleged of misrepresenting their rebar meshes and therefore leads so bad influence to the engineering.


In September, construction litigators Adina Thorn announced it would be leading a class-action lawsuit against mesh makers on the behalf of owners whose properties have been built in the past four years.


Rebar Meshes are penels made of welded deformed steel bars. The rebars are parallel and vertically, and are laid between certain intervals.

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