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India leaps to the world’s third largest steel producer in 2016

Steel producers and steel scrap recyclers in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East have have been doing business for long time with each other. A strategic procurement manager of an UAE based steel company said that his company and other steelmakers in the oil and natural gas-rich ) region have for several decades relied on direct-reduced iron (DRI) instead of scrap to produce electric arc furnace steel, such as deformed steel bar, carbon steel wire etc.


In the former years, DRI was very cost-competitive with scrap. While, things change, and scrap has become more available at a better price. India in 2016 has become the world’s third largest steel producers, just behind the United State. China is well ahead in the No. 1 slot.


Reinforcing steel bar has been account a large proportion of construction steel products for all the time. A manager of a local steel mill said of a bridge or a parking garage built with stainless steel rebar, “you can build it and forget it" in terms of the amount of maintenance or the expected life span of such structures. It can prolong the life of concrete and structures by up to five times.


He said the product is desirable in subtropical and tropical climates since it is “highly resistant to corrosion [and] prevents premature deterioration of concrete infrastructure.”

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