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Both long and flat steel products in the US see uptrend 

Last week, the major hot rolled coil in the US was $600 per short ton, gained $5 per short ton. Some steel mills try to increase spot price to $630 per short ton. Market insiders think hot rolled coil price is very likely to rise in the following days.


Cold rolled steel sheet price was stable at $820 per short ton. Oversea cold rolled steel sheet (CRS) resources also curbed US CRS market. Currently, the product in the South Africa was quoted at CFR 700 per ton, and that in Russia was CFR $670 per short ton.


At the beginning of January, the US steel scrap price reached $310-325 per long ton, jumped $32 per long ton from December. Scrap is now in tight supply in the US, mainly because of the slow down of seasonal industrial production, and the strong demand from Canada. And it’s predicted that the price will grow further by $30-40 per long ton.


According to the preliminary statistics, in December, the US imports of deformed steel bar is 136,000 tons, increased 8,000 tons from last month.

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