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Rebar,Stainless steel sheet,Hot rolled coil,Cold rolled shee.


Tips to remember in placing steel rebar

Bar supports are not intended as support for construction equipment such as concrete pumps, buggies, or laser screeds.


Spacing of steel rebar supports depends upon the size of the reinforcing bar being supported. For example, for a one-way solid slab with #5 temperature-shrinkage bars, high chairs are used at 4 feet on center; for #4 bars, high chairs would be placed 3 feet on center.


Placing steel rebar onto layers of fresh concrete or adjusting the position of rebars or welded wire reinforcement during concrete placement should not be permitted. The ill-advised practice in slab construction of placing reinforcement on the subgrade and pulling it up during concrete placement is called “hooking.”


Spacers for vertical concrete (wall construction) have traditionally been optional. Side form spacers include double-headed nails, precast concrete blocks (dobies), and proprietary all-plastic shapes.


The ironworker, ironworker foreman, contractor, and inspector all have the responsibility to see that the reinforcing steel rebars in concrete construction are properly placed.

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