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China steel stock situation in July 2016 

China Iron and Steel Industry Association (CISA) declared its market In July, 2016 the total inventory of the 5 major steel products (hot rolled coil, cold rolled steel sheet, steel slab, deformed steel bar, steel wire) in China show slight decline. The total inventory in July was 7.806 million tons, dropt 320 thousand tons yoy, down 3.94%.


1.Hot rolled coil
The total stock of hot rolled coil in July was 1.423 million tons, gained 6 thousand tons from last month (+0.41%). And the total inventory on the market was 1.239 million tons, rose 4 thousand tons. The port stock was 184 thousand tons, increased 2 thousand tons from last month.


There were five regions showed hot rolled coil inventory growth in the month. Guangzhou is the city had the biggest increase, with the total growth of 14 thousand tons, of that 8 thousand tons on the market and 6 thousand tons on ports. Nanchang’s total stock increased 8 thousand tons, and total inventory in Xi’an soared 27 thousand tons. However, 9 cities’ inventory showed downtrend. The cities were Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu and Chongqing, with inventories reduced 15,000 tons, 9000 tons, 2000 tons, 7700 tons, 11,500 tons, and 6000 tons respectively.


2. Cold rolled steel sheet
In July, cold rolled steel sheet inventory was 1.405 million tons, gained 0.43%. Among that, the market inventory was 1.107 million tons, gained 39 thousand tons; the port inventory was 298 thousand tons, declined 33 thousand tons from last month.


3. Steel slab
The total total inventory of steel slab in the month was 992 thousand tons, increased 7000 tons (+0.69%).


4. Steel wire
The total inventory of steel wire was 894 thousand tons, down 83 thousand tons from last month (-8.47%).


5. Deformed steel bar 
The inventory of deformed steel bar was in a total of 3.093 million tons, reduced 256 thousand tons from last month(-7.63%).


   Hot Rolled Coil Cold Rolled Coil  Steel Slab   Steel Wire Deformed Steel Bar  Total 
Stock in July (ton)  1422800  1404860  991950  894088 3092770  7806468
Proportion of total stock (%)  18.23  18.00  12.71  11.45  39.62  100
Stock in June (ton)  1416950  1398890  985200  976866  3348350  8126256
Change (ton)  5850  5970  6750  -82778  -255580  -319788
Change proportion (%)    0.41  0.43  0.69  -8.47  -7.63  -3.94

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