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Asian long steel product trend in August 

There are up and down trend as for the long product price in Asian steel market in August. NSSMC, a Japanese steel company, maintained its H beam contract price stable. Currently, SS 400 large H beam price is 68,000-69,000 yen/mt (US$646-655/mt), at the same level with that in July. The company suggested that it’s important to guarantee producers and distributors profits when time is entering into busy season. They think a higher price may also be acceptable, considering H beam inventory is at reasonable level.


While, square billet is oversupplied in Iran, because of the weak domestic demand and declining steel products. Currently, Iranian square billet transaction price is about 12,600,000-12,900,000 riyal/mt (US$355-363/mt). That makes CIS’ billet more competitive which is US$300/mt CFR. Thus, some producers turn to export their products to Brazil and Italy, in order to ease domestic supply pressure. In August, deformed steel bar was transacted at 15,000,000-15,100,000 riyal/mt.


In UAE market, screw threaded steel bar import price edged down. Turkish resources downed to US$375-380/mt CFR from US$390/mt at the beginning of August.


Taiwan Feng Hsin Steel also increased steel rebar price by NTD300/mt. After the adjustment, 13mm deformed steel bar was sold at NTD13,100/mt (US$419/mt).

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