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Steel prices go up and down in Turkey and UAE 

As the the Lesser Bairam holiday ended last week, Turkish hot rolled coil and coated steel sheet plants are seeking higher ex-work prices, even though Chinese suppliers reduce their prices recently. Currently, some mills hiked coated steel sheet ex-work price by US$30/mt; 0.5 mm hot dipped steel sheet factory price is increased by US$630-650/mt; 1mm hot-dip galvanized steel sheet price is US$570-590/mt; hot rolled coil price gained US$20/mt to US$440-460/mt.


UAE long steel product imports market is still weak, as buyers haven’t backed from the Id Al-adjha holiday. Currently, the import price of deformed steel bar last week was US$365-370/mt CFR; Turkish steel bar was US$365-380 CFR; square billet import price slipped from US$338-365/mt to US$330-340/mt CFR. In August, Korean stainless hot rolled coil imports reached 52,973 tons, gained 13.3% yoy, up 13.3% from last month, hit the highest point during the late two years.

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