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Rebar,Stainless steel sheet,Hot rolled coil,Cold rolled shee.


Product NameDeformed Steel Bar
Product classRibbed Steel Rod>>Deformed steel bar

Rebar is unfinished steel reinforcing rod used to strengthen concrete, which includes ribbed steel rod, plain steel rod and twisted rod (e.g. steel strand). It comes in common sectional diameter of 8mm- 50mm.
Steel rebar rods have more tensile strength than concrete. It is placed directly into the concrete as part of the pouring process.
Almost all concrete structures and slabs require reinforcing bars to be placed within them to help hold the structure together.

Deformed steel bar is another name of hot-rolled ribbed steel rod.

The different standards of deformed steel bar in countries:

England standard:   BS4449 Grade 460B-1997; BS4449 Grade 500B-2005
America standard:  ASTM A615 Grade 40/60;  ASTM A706
German standard:   DIN488-1 420S/500S;         DIN488-1 BST500S
Japan standard:       JIS G3112 SD390
Australia standard: AS4671 500N
China standard:      GB HRB335 (grade , 20MnSi); 
                               GB HRB400 (grade , 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20MnTi); 
                               GB HRB500 (grade )


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