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The US steel imports in last two months 2015 up yoy

The United State Commerce Department issued data, indicating that in December 2016, the total steel imports was 2.436 million tons, gained 14.6% year on year, dropped 4.3% from last month.


Broken into products, and comparing to December 2015, the imports of long products dropt 16%, semi-finished steel products downed 76.3%, flat products increased nearly 2%. Steel wire, hot rolled coil, and steel slab showed larger decline, down 29.7%, 31.1%, and 36.5% respectively. However, the imports of steel pipe and galvanized steel sheet grew 72.1% and 46.1% respectively.


Comparing to November 2016, the imports of semi-finished steel and flat steel sheet downed 19.7%, and 6.7% respectively, while, imports of long product slightly gained 2.9%. The imports of hot rolled coil, cold rolled steel sheet, steel slab, and steel wire reduced at ranges of 5.4%-22.5%. And imports of steel pipes and deformed steel bar soared 20.1% and 2.6% respectively.


Besides, in December 2016, the United State imported 58 thousand tons of steel products from China, slumped 53.2% yoy, gained 9.2% from the in November.

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