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Tianjin China steel demand bleak in Sept. 

Yesterday (September 8), Tianjin, China cold rolled sheet coil prices are stable in weakness, with overall transaction activities basically unchanged. According to relative report, trade’s inventory gets a slight replenishment when steel mills back to production, but downstream market shows no sign of improvement on demand. Now, end customers show few interest in signing new orders yet, even though it has enter into September – the traditional busy season for steel industry. Generally, there are more bad news than good on the market which discourage traders.


By the time of writing, Tiantie Steel offered 1.0 1250 C cold rolled sheet coil at price CNY 2,520/mt, and for the same product, Shougang offered a price of CNY2,510/mt; Baotou Steel CNY2,550/mt; Benxi Steel CNY2,510/mt; Tangshan Steel CNY2,450/mt. And Anshan Steel offered 1.5 1250 2500 cold rolled sheet at a price of CNY2,750/mt. Shougang offered 1.0 1000 C cold rolled sheet coil at a price of CNY2,610/mt, Tangshan CNY2,550/mt.

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