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Turkish deformed steel bar sees downtrend

Currently, demand of flat steel products in Turkey market remains in weakness, and local buyers continue to exert downwards pressure on the prices, waiting new price polices. According to sources, Russia and Ukrainian flat product exporters have not issued any new price offers to Turkey for November production.


The latest prices of hot rolled coil Russia Exported to Turkey were at $315-325/mt CFR, and hot rolled coil offers from Ukraine to Turkey were at $310-320/mt CFR. And during the given period, Russian cold rolled steel sheet offers to Turkey were at $390-400/mt CFR and Ukrainian cold rolled steel sheet offers were at $380-390/mt CFR.


As for Turkish deformed steel bar market, rebar prices in the local Turkish spot market have decreased by TRY 15-25/mt as compared to October 8, though prices on US dollar basis have decreased by $3-4/mt due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate. Because of the downtrend of scrap and billet prices, and combined with stagnant market demand, steel rebar prices see downtrend again.


Below are rebar offers in the Turkish domestic market:

All prices are ex-warehouse and on actual weight basis and exclude VAT.
$1 = TRY 2.92

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