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China's construction steel capacity reduce from policy strict and overhaul

Environment protection policy has always been a conundrum for steel industry, which leads the industry’s developing trend and constricts mills’ production by the form of strong policy at the same time. Tangshan Province, China’s major steel producing region, gives full expression to this.


The Tangshan Internation Horticultural Exposition 2016, which is “an amazing vehicle for promoting the power of horticulture in the modern world”, according to the official media, will be hold during April 29 to October 16. To ensure a blue sky during this period, Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel Group has preliminary plan to shut up furnaces and production line in the Northern region. The shutoff of the three 450 m3 furnaces and two stripe production lines will cause 5,000-6,000 less tons of steel stripe each day.


Besides, Ninggang Group in the Northwest China has been overhauling its deformed steel bar production line from December 25, 2015 to March 15, 2016, which will reduce 200 thousand tons of construction steel products. And the Xingang Group in the Mid China also maintained its lines on February 26, and 50 thousand tons of deformed steel bar capacity to cut because of it.

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