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Inventory of China deformed steel bar in June 2016 

June, 2016, the total inventory of the major steel products in China 20 major cities shows no big change. The total inventory in this month is 8.126 million tons, rose 10 thousand tons (+0.13%) from that in May. Only steel wire inventory increased, while others dropped slightly. Among that, the total inventory in steel market is 7.085 million tons, reduced 0.56% by 40 thousand tons from last month; and the port stock is 1.041 million tons, gained 50 thousand tons (+5.03%) from that in May.

Broken into steel products:
1. Hot rolled coil
Hot rolled coil total inventory is 1.417 million tons, dropped 33 thousand tons (-2.31%) from that in last month. Among that, the market inventory is 1.235 million tons, decreased 20 thousand tons from last month, and the port inventory is 182 thousand tons, dipped 13 thousand tons from last month.
6 cities’ inventory show uptrend, including Jinan, Nanchang, Wuhan, Chengdu etc. 9 cities see decline, and Tianjin’s inventory reduces by 15 thousand tons, the biggest decline among the cities.


2. Cold rolled steel sheet
The inventory in June is 1.399 million tons, slipped 38 thousand tons (-2.62%). Steel market inventory is 1.068 million tons, down 62 thousand tons, and port inventory is 331 thousand tons, up 24 thousand tons.


3. Steel wire
Steel wire inventory is 977 thousand tons, jumped 138 thousand tons (+16.49%), in which market inventory is 813 thousand tons, gained 85 thousand tons, and port stock is 164 thousand tons, rose 54 thousand tons.


4. Deformed steel bar
The total inventory of deformed steel bar is 3.348 million tons, dropped 87 thousand tons (-2.53%), which includes market inventory 3.166 million tons, down 85 thousand tons, and port stock 182 thousand tons, reduced 2 thousand tons.

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