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Hot rolled coil and cold rolled sheet prices in China tend to stable in Jun.

Enter into June, China cold rolled steel sheet prices tend to be stable after former volatility. From June, 1 to June, 24 cold rolled sheet coil 1.0mm (ST12) produced by AnshanSteel in Shanghai market slightly gained from RMB2,930/mt to RMB3,030/mt. And hot rolled coil 5.5mm (Q235) produced by Shagang Group downed from RMB2,520/mt to RMB2,490/mt. The fluctuation trend is stable comparing to that in April and May.


Steel sheet market is pretty average recently. By contrast, hot rolled coil market performs better than CRC market. Large scale traders deliver hot rolled coil every day, even though the deals are not so big. But, cold rolled steel sheet has poor orders amid shrinking demands.


Cold rolled steel coil 1.0mm produced by AnshanSteel is quoted at RMB2,910/mt, and cold rolled steel sheet 1.0mm of the mill is RMB3,030/mt; cold rolled steel sheet 1.5mm of BenxiSteel is RMB2,910/mt; WuhanSteel CRC 1.0mm is RMB2,930/mt; and the same product produced by Shougang Group, TangshanSteel, HandanSteel, and XichengSteel is quoted at RMB2,810-2,920/mt.

Hot rolled coil prices in Shanghai, China:

 Product Grade  Specification  Price (RMB)
 Hot rolled coil  Q235B 2.75mm×1250mm×C  2,570-2,590
 Q235B 3.5mm×1500mm×C   2,500
 Q235B 4.50mm-11.75mm×1500mm×C  2,460-2,510
 Q235B 5.50mm-5.75mm×1800mm×C  2,640-2,660
 Q235B 7.50mm-11.75mm×1800mm×C  2,640

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