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Steel rebar yield hits monthly high in June China

In June, 2016 China domestic steel yield was 100.72 million tons, gained 3.2% yoy; daily average production of crude steel in the month surpassed 2.314 million tons high level in April to 2.3157 million tons.


Why the steel yield in June increased instead of reducing, under the background of capacity-cutting? “capacity-cutting doesn’t mean to slash production immediately, and some plans will be uted in 2017-2018. So, it will take some times.”an insider said.


The operation rate for major steel products, say steel rebar, screw threaded steel bar, steel wires, hot rolled coil, and cold rolled steel sheet etc., all over 70% in big steel mills. By last Friday, the major contract of deformed steel bar and hot rolled coil was closed at CNY2,527/mt and CNY2,661/mt respectively. Even though the production is on the rise, inventory is still at low level. According to data, by July 15, China total inventory of the five major steel products (rebar, wire rod, steel slab, hot rolled coil, cold rolled steel sheet) was 8.521 million tons, hit the year low.


Blow are the average prices of China domestic major steel products issued on Junly, 15, 2016.

Product Specification

Average Price

 (unit: RMB/mt)

Weekly Change 

(unit: RMB/mt)

Steel rebar  HRB 400,20mm 2538 ↑91
Steel wire HRB 300,8mm 2610 ↑70
Slab common steel slab,8mm 2923 ↑66
Slab common steel slab,20mm 2600 ↑71
Slab low alloy steel slab,20mm 2758 ↑70
Hot rolled coil 3.0mm 2725 ↑71
Hot rolled coil 4.75mm 2678 ↑72

Cold rolled 

steel sheet

1.0mm 3088 ↑90

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